Android Games

Android Games Five Of The Best

19th June, 2013

While Android isn’t quite the gaming platform that iOS is, there

Google Android Breakdown

Gingerbread Still The Dominant Android Version !

5th December, 2012

Google have released details on the circulation of each of its

Smartphone Market

Smartphone Sales Grow As Global Mobile Sales Contract !

20th November, 2012

Smartphone sales increase as global mobile sales decline !


Android Continues To Dominate In Europe !

5th September, 2012

Google Android is continuining to dominate the European smartphone

Google Android

Google Android Dominating US Smartphone Market

1st August, 2012

The Android platform is dominating the US smartphone market.

The Best Android Apps - an overview by

The Best Android Apps - an overview by

7th March, 2012

The Best Android Apps - an overview by

Netflix iPhone

Netflix Launches in the UK

9th January, 2012

Netflix is now available in the UK on Android and Apple devices.

Google Android

Majel - Google's Version of Siri ?

15th December, 2011

Google are working on their own voice-control system code-named Majel.

Google Maps

Google Maps Goes Indoors With Version 6.0

30th November, 2011

Google Maps 6.0 adds support for indoor locations, such as airports.

LG LU6200

LG LU6200 Leaked Android Smartphone

22nd September, 2011

The LG LU6200 is an Android smartphone with a great specification.


Doorbot - Use Your Smartphone As A Door Entry System

19th February, 2013

Doorbot is basically a doorbell with a video camera which connects to

Facebook Autosync

Facebook Photo Sync Now On Android And iOS !

3rd December, 2012

Facebook have added automatic photo syncing to their mobile app.

Google Android

Android Dominates Smartphone Market In 3rd Quarter

8th November, 2012

Android commanded a 75 per cent market share of the global smartphone

Sony Smartwatch

What Are The Best SmartWatch Apps ?

3rd August, 2012

Sony have unveiled some of the best apps for the Sony Smartwatch.

What is Android OS?

What is Android OS?

11th June, 2012

Most Android devices have a Google app called “Play Store”

Google Logo

250 Million Android Devices Activated As Google Profits Soar

23rd January, 2012

Google have announced that over 250 million Android devices have now

Google Android

Google Activating 700,000 Android Devices A Day !

22nd December, 2011

Google are activating 700,000 devices everyday.

LG TV Remote App

How To Use Your LG Smartphone As A TV Remote

13th December, 2011

LG have released a guide showing you how to use the LG TV Remote App.

Google Android

Over 200 Million Android Devices Activated Worldwide !

21st November, 2011

Over 200 million Android devices have been activated worldwide !

Street Fighter HD

LG Android HD Smartphone With Street Fighter IV

19th September, 2011

LG will be launching a HD Android smartphone with Street Figher IV.

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