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Android Key Lime Pie Delayed : Android 5.0 To Launch On Motorola X Phone ?

17th June, 2013

Google look set to unveil Android Key Lime Pie (5.0) in October. Will

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Samsung Android Schedule Leaks - Which Devices Will Get Key Lime Pie ?

19th March, 2013

Samsung's Android update schedule has been leaked online . What

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Google To Unveil Android Key Lime Pie In May ?

6th December, 2012

The next version of Android will be unveiled at I/O in May ?

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Android 5.0 To Launch On Range Of Smartphones

16th May, 2012

Google are expected to offer a whole range of Android 5.0 smartphones

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Android Jelly Bean (5.0) Launching This Summer ?

17th February, 2012

Google will launch a new version of Android int he summer called

Android Key Lime Pie

Android Key Lime Pie – What Features and Improvements Do We Expect

4th June, 2013

So what features should we expect from Android Key Lime Pie ( 5.0 )?

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Motorola X Phone To Be First Android Key Lime Pie Smartphone

21st January, 2013

The Motorola X Phone will be the first smartphone to run on Android

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Google To Launch 5 Android Jelly Bean Smartphones In November ?

24th May, 2012

Android are rumoured to be launching an Android 5.0 Nexus range in

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Android Jelly Bean Launching In 4th Quarter of 2012 ?

29th February, 2012

Android Jelly Bean looks set to launch towards the end of 2012.

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