ZTE Phone Reviews


ZTE Kis Review

18th September, 2012

The ZTE Kis is a budget handset that tries hard to be something more

ZTE Tania Review by 3G.co.uk

ZTE Tania Review

28th February, 2012

The ZTE Tania has good build quality and a user friendly Windows

ZTE Racer

ZTE Racer review

22nd September, 2010

The Racer is a decent enough handset, but there are other phones on

ZTE Grand X

ZTE Grand X Review

8th August, 2012

The ZTE Grand X is an Android 4.0 smartphone at a great price that

ZTE Tureis

ZTE Tureis Review

28th December, 2011

The Turies offers the feel of a BlackBerry with a reliable Android


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