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Galaxy Note 3 With Flexible Display Rumoured: Waterproof and dustproof as well

By Simon Thomas on 26th September 2013

Samsung Flexible OLED Technology

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible display and waterproofing - sounds great, doesn't it ?


Flexible displays, they've been in development for so long but are yet to feature on a commercial mobile device. That could be about to change with rumours suggesting that Samsung are going to launch a rugged version of the Galaxy Note 3 , complete with a flexible display.


Samsung showed off their pioneering flexible display technology at CES 2013. The displays showcased at the event (pictured above) were truly flexible - they could even wrap around the device , but don't expect anything that radical from the Note 3's flexible screen. 


A Samsung employee told Asian Daily that the limited edition Note 3, launching before the end of 2013, will be a more rugged version of Samsung's phablet. That's where the flexible display comes in, they are more durable than standard displays - with  the one set to feature on the Note 3 reported to be 'malleable' and 'virtually unbreakable'.

The display won't be the only thing made more durable, it's also rumoured to be waterproof and dust-proof - features already present on one of the Note 3's main competitors, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Covering up all the ports should enable the smartphone to be submerged in water at a depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes, and it'll also stop sand getting inside the smartphone.


Samsung have past history when it comes to releasing 'rugged versions' of their smartphones , having launched the Galaxy S4 Active shortly after the Galaxy S4 was released. Therefore, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that they could launch a limited edition Note 3 with a flexible display - it also offers a lower risk way to trial the new display technology.


As soon as 3G hear more about the flexible/rugged version of the Galaxy Note 3 we'll let you know.


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