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Three's Euro Internet Pass Explained !

By Simon Thomas on 01st October 2012


Three have posted a video guide explaining how their "Euro Internet Pass" which gives customers the option to browse when travelling in Europe.


The price of using data when abroad, called data roaming, has always been very high and Three's Euro Internet Pass offers Three customers a way to browse, email and use applications when abroad. For just £5 a day you can get unlimited access in selected European countries.


The offer is only available to Three's Pay Monthly customers who should receive a text message offering the service when they touch-down in a European country. Supported countries include Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Ireland and many more.


The video above will give users more information on how to activate and use the service. The folks at 3G think it's a great thing to take advantage of because when your abroad you might need access to a search engine, translator or map software.


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