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Get 30 Per Cent Off At Odeon Cinemas With Passbook

By Simon Thomas on 09th October 2012

Odeon are offering Passbook users  30 per cent off at their cinemas. The offer is available until October 18th on all days apart from Friday and Saturday. All you need to do to take advantage of the discount is visit on your Apple device and add the offer to Passbook .


Apple launched Passbook with the iOS 6 update which launched on the iPhone 5 and is now also available on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and selected iPods.


Passbook is essentially a digital wallet which enables you to store boarding passes, tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards on your Apple device. Playbook keeps down the clutter in your wallet and you also have no chance of losing important documents.


Passbook uptake in the UK has been pretty slow, but its beginning to take off with Odeon being just one of many companies starting to use the service. Another retailer offering Passbook discount is the restaurant chain "The Harvester"  who have made a £5 voucher available. You can also use Passbook to board flights on Lufthansa, United Airlines and American Airlines , while you can also use Passbook book rooms at iHotel.


3G expect a number of retailers to incorporate their loyalty schemes into Passbook very soon and that's when we'll really be interested in the application. The issues of forgetting your loyalty card would then be a thing of the past because you always take your phone with you wherever you go !

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