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3G Operator 3 UK Brings Video Sex Advice to 3G Mobile Phones

11th October , 2005

Europe : The Lovers’ Guide™, the number one international brand on sex and relationships, is today launching its well-known series of sex advice videos for mobile phones on the 3 UK mobile network.

“We are very excited by the potential of third generation mobile phones to bring our services to a new audience of consumers,” said Robert Page, Managing Director of Lifetime Productions International, the company behind The Lovers’ Guide.

The video clips, which are mostly 30 – 60 seconds long, cover a wide range of sex topics in the unique Lovers’ Guide style described by one national newspaper as “sexy, sensual, moral and responsible”.

There are over 3 million video phones on the 3 network. Callers must prove they are over 18 before they can access the videos by dialling the Lovers’ Guide video shortcode 69321.

“At a time when the media offer people such a confusing choice of images and information about sexuality and relationships, The Lovers’ Guide videos are unique in their frank, authoritative and reliable approach,” said Robert Page.

About The Lovers’ Guide

The Lovers’ Guide has been a media phenomenon since its launch in 1991. The first Lovers’ Guide programme sold 1.3 million copies on video in the UK and the series has sold millions around the world. Its products have expanded to ten DVDs, ten videos, a range of mobile and internet products (including SMS tips, video clips and
advice lines) two books, an encyclopaedia, two CD-ROMs and a range of cassettes

& CDs. It has been shown on encrypted digital television channels including Sky and its products and services have been produced and distributed internationally by major blue-chip partners such as W.H. Smith, Woolworths, Carlton, Bloomsbury, Pan, Warners, Macmillans and Universal.

The Lovers’ Guide aims to meet the need for greater education and reliable information in the sex and relationship area, delivered confidentially, instantly and interactively for all age ranges, cultures and territorieshrough print, video, the internet, digital television and mobile phones

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Great Deals on the Latest 3G Handsets