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New Mitsubishi Wireless Phone

7th October 2003

ASIA : Vodafone K.K. announced it will offer a new Sha-mail picture messaging handsets for sale after early November, the V301D by Mitsubishi Electric.
The main features of the handsets are as follows:

- High brightness TFT LCD of approximately 250 candelas* for luminous photo display *70% brighter compared to previous Mitsubishi Electric models

- Global Mode for comfortable reading of English text

- Enhanced ease-of-use in mail functions for quicker message composition

- Sophisticated scheduler that displays received mails and photographs accordingly by date

- Easy to understand Simple Mode for effortless operation

Main Features of the V301D
• High brightness TFT LCD of approx. 250 candelas
The V301D’s 2-inch main display features a high brightness TFT LCD of approximately 250 candelas and sharply displays images and type in 260,000 color reproduction.

• Global Mode
Global Mode has a word wrap function so that English menus and the English text of received e-mails are easy to read without split words.

• Enhanced Mail Functions
The V301D comes with new version of ATOK which constantly displays predictive text options to enable speedy mail composition. The new version comes with plenty of convenient mail functions like a Redo Key which lets one go back a step if the wrong kanji conversion is made and an Undo Key which lets one easily make a correction if too many keystrokes are made.

• Enhanced Scheduler Functions
The V301D features a sophisticated scheduler that displays received mails and photographs accordingly by date, making it perfect for both business and pleasure thanks to its efficient date management. In addition, schedules can be sent or received by mail to J-D08, J-D07, J-D06 and J-D05 users for easy registration of schedule items. Furthermore, the scheduler can record up to 1,000 entries and users can set up separate alert messages for reminders before certain events like meetings.

• Simple Mode
To help beginners and the elderly use the handset worry-free, the V301D features a convenientSimple Mode where often-used functions are displayed on the menu and function terms are converted into everyday language. In addition, calling and mailing can be done more easily by registering up to two frequently called contacts as soft keys.

V301D Main Specifications
Size (Width x Height x Thickness) Approx. 48 x 95 x 23mm
(when folded, excluding antenna protrusion)
Weight Approx. 97g
Continuous talk time/standby time Approx. 130 min./approx. 350 hours
(power conservation setting/when folded)
Main 2-inch (176 x 132 pixels) TFT LCD (maximum 262,114 colors) Display Sub Approx. 1-inch (80 x 62 pixels) STN LCD (4096 colors)
Pixels/type 310,000 effective pixels/CMOS
Zoom 2x, 4x, 8x Mobile camera
Max. photo size 480 x 640 pixels
Maximum no. of displayable characters
(full size)
42 characters (6 characters by 7 lines)
72 characters (8 characters by 9 lines)
121 characters (11 characters by 11 lines)
Maximum mail capacity (received/sent) 1,000/160 mails
Maximum still photo capacity (no. of
photos) 2MB, shared (maximum 900 photos)
Ring tone voices 40 (6KB)
Java™ support Not available
Bilingual interface Available
Handset colors Spark Orange (pictured below), Dark Brown, Royal Green
Retail Price (standard set): open price
The standard set consists of the mobile handset, a battery pack, rapid charger and desktop cradle.
After early November 2003

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