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New MPEG 4 Standard To Deliver High-Quality Stereo Audio to 3G Handsets

20th November 2002

Coding Technologies, the industry's leading provider of audio compression technologies for the mobile, digital broadcasting and Internet markets worldwide, announced today that the MPEG organization has promoted the aacPlus technology to final proposed draft amendment status as part of MPEG-4 Audio. Called "High-efficiency AAC" by MPEG, Coding Technologies has already released updated aacPlus libraries to match the current specification. In addition, industry leaders Texas Instruments, Loudeye, and M4IF have offered their support for the improved MPEG-4 Audio standard.

aacPlus is the combination of MPEG AAC and Coding Technologies' SBR (Spectral Band Replication) technology. SBR is a unique bandwidth extension technique, which enables audio codecs to deliver the same quality at half the bit rate. As a result, aacPlus delivers CD-quality stereo at 48 kbps. This level of efficiency fundamentally enables new applications in the markets of mobile and digital broadcast. Introduced as the new MPEG 4 Audio reference model in 2001, aacPlus is on track to become a core component of MPEG 4 Audio.

"We are thrilled that aacPlus is on track to become the core component of MPEG-4 Audio," stated David Frerichs, Coding Technologies. "aacPlus was introduced as the new MPEG-4 Audio reference model in 2001 and it's incredible to have such great momentum within MPEG , as well as to receive endorsements from these industry leaders."

"Texas Instruments is pleased that aacPlus is becoming part of the MPEG-4 specification," said Curt Waters, Manager of the Cellular Media Business at Texas Instruments. "By providing high audio quality at lower bit rates, aacPlus is well-suited to provide multimedia content for wireless applications."

"Our customers expect us to provide content services in whatever format they select," said Lambert Jemley, Vice President of Marketing at Loudeye Corp. "We are happy to hear that aacPlus is now being finalized in MPEG-4 and we are ready to encode with the new standard."

"It is great to see SBR technology becoming a part of the MPEG-4 Audio standard," said Rob Koenen, President of M4IF. "High Efficiency AAC is clearly the most efficient audio codec available and it is encouraging that Coding Technologies is deploying aacPlus today so people can stream CD-quality stereo at only 48kbps using cutting-edge, open standards-based technology."

Coding Technologies is licensing libraries and reference source code for MPEG-4 aacPlus on Mac OS X, Win32, Linux, and multiple DSPs. Developers can contact Coding Technologies directly for immediate access to evaluation kits.


All Todays Press Releases Click Here
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