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App Store Reaches 1 Million Approvals !

By Simon Thomas on 21st November 2012

Apple first launched the App Store back in 2008 with the aim of making it to only place Apple device owners would ever need to visit to get all the latest applications.


Since then Apple have sold so many iPods, iPhones and iPads it beggars belief and consequently the App Store has grown incredibly quickly. Infact, new findings from Appsfire suggest that Apple have now approved a million iOS applications for inclusion on their App Store.


Of the 1 million applications approved to appear on Apple's App Store 493,289 were paid applications, 158,848 were games with the rest being free applications. Obviously, a lot of these applications are no longer available on the App Store due to being replaced or discontinued.


However , Appsfire also reported the current situation of the App Store which currently has 736,247 live with around 45 per cent of them paid , 16 per cent games and the rest being free applications. That's a very impressive amount of available applications and is one of the reasons for the continued success of Apple's devices.


One thing to note is that only iOS applications are included in these results meaning that they don't include Mac applications which are also featured on the App Store. Back in March the Apple App Store hit 1 billion downloads which is truly staggering.


3G will continue reporting on the progress of Apple's App Store in the coming months, so keep posted to find out more !



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