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SIM-Only Tariffs - Everything You Need To Know

By Simon Thomas on 12th March 2013

Our guide to SIM-only tariffs looks at what they are and why you should consider choosing a SIM-only tariff.

SIM-Only deals have become increasingly popular over the last year , but we still feel there may be a number of people who don't fully understand SIM-only tariffs. Therefore, we've written this guide documenting the main reasons to choose SIM-only !

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What are SIM-Only tariffs ?

SIM-only is a type of mobile contract offered by the majority operators. They work in a similar manner to standard mobile contracts with the difference being that they don't come with a smartphone or tablet i.e. they are stand-alone.

A SIM-only contract simply includes a SIM-card which you can put in a new smartphone or your existing smartphone. Essentially they offer all the benefits of a mobile contract but without the lengthy contractual commitment, which these days can be up to 2 years.

When buying a SIM-only contract you want to be careful that you buy the right type of SIM-card. You can find out which type of SIM-card you need by checking your devices specification on the box or by visiting the manufacturers website.

Why Choose A SIM-Only Tariff ?

Shorter contract lengths

Many people choose to go SIM-only because they don't want to commit to a lengthy 24 month contract , which is the standard contract term on many Pay Monthly smartphone & tablet tariffs. Whereas, SIM-only deals are available on one-month rolling contracts , as well as 12 month contracts.

Happy with your current smartphone

Many users have smartphones they are happy with and are currently not interested in upgrading. If that's the case then going SIM-only offers better value than renewing your mobile contract and you don't have to commit to another 2 year contract.

Like to change your smartphone frequently ? 

Are you one of the people who wants to change your smartphone frequently ? Well, if so then choosing a SIM-only tariff might be for you because you can buy a new smartphone outright and sell your old one whenever you like.

SIM-Only offers better value than Pay As You Go

Many people who don't want to commit to a lengthy mobile contract and have been on Pay As You Go for some time may be getting really bad value for money. However, it's easy to switch to a 30 day rolling SIM-only contract and get more inclusive data and cheaper calls.

What SIM-only deals are available ?

All of the major UK operators offer SIM-only deals , but the best deals are available on Three who have some excellent value packages. The operator currently have a SIM-Only sale going on which you  checkout by clicking here.

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