HTC Desire Range Getting Android 2.3 on Three


HTC Desire

Three has announced on its Twitter page that the HTC Desire range will be upgraded to Android 2.3 on its network in late April or Early May.


The Android 2.3 update has attracted attention because it enables support for NFC (Near Field Communications) on Android mobiles. It also improves the user-interface and the speed of the operating system.


The Android Gingerbread update will be available for the HTC Desire HD,  HTC Desire Z and the original HTC Desire (pictured above). The release also collabarates well with the date HTC gave for the 2.3 update which was the second quarter of 2011.


You can view the HTC Desire range on Three by clicking here.

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By Simon Thomas on 31st March, 2011

Tags: HTC Desire

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