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6th June , 2007

Europe UK : Icera Inc. announced its Livanto ICE8020 wireless soft modem IC and Adaptive Wireless technology, are shipping in the SoftBank Connect Card C01SI. Launched June 1st 2007, the SoftBank C01SI, which has been developed by Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), is the world's first Type 3 advanced receiver HSDPA data card, offering simultaneous receive diversity and MMSE equalization. Operating on the SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. (formerly Vodafone K.K.) network in Japan, it delivers peak download speeds of 3.6Mbps enabled by Icera's Adaptive Wireless™ technology.

Stan Boland, President and CEO of Icera, said: "We are delighted to have partnered with SII, which has contributed important integration and miniaturization expertise, to achieve the first Type 3 HSDPA compact flash data card for SOFTBANK MOBILE in Japan. This product launch is a significant milestone for Icera and strong endorsement of our leading-edge technology. SOFTBANK MOBILE wanted the highest performance user equipment for its HSDPA service and our Livanto® wireless soft modem technology out-performs any other commercially available baseband solution. We look forward to developing our business in Japan, the most advanced cellular market in the world, with further innovation and performance."

Hiroshi Ohta, Executive Vice President, Product & Service Development Division, SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp., said: "SOFTBANK MOBILE's business relies on providing breakthrough wireless broadband performance. The SoftBank Connect Card C01SI is enabling us to bring the most advanced 3.5G solution to our customers who demand the highest speed, reliable cellular services. We are delighted to be the launch customer for the most advanced HSDPA data card in the world."

Takaaki Yamamoto, Division Manager, Mobile Communication Systems Division, SII, said: "Only Icera's Livanto® wireless soft modem made it possible for us to create Japan's highest performance HSDPA system solution in the smallest form factor. The result is the SoftBank Connect Card C01SI, which we are proud to see successfully launched on the SOFTBANK MOBILE network."
Receive diversity and equalization have been shown to significantly enhance modem performance in HSPA categories and the 3GPP specification sets out performance requirements based on these techniques as follows:

  • Enhanced Type 1 defines performance for UEs which utilize receive diversity
  • Enhanced Type 2 defines performance for UEs which utilize chip level equalization
  • Enhanced Type 3 defines performance for UEs which utilize receive diversity and chip level equalization
Livanto® ICE8020 is the world's only Enhanced Type 3 solution for 3.6Mbps HSDPA.

Icera's technology - the Livanto® wireless soft modem - is a disruptive new architecture for mobile phones and datacards. Together with Icera's Adaptive Wireless™ software, Livanto® delivers the world's highest performance cellular broadband via the latest version of the 3G air interface standard, HSDPA, enabling consumers to download large email files with attachments, speedily access web pages and download music tracks over the air in seconds.

Since the physical layer and protocols are all in Adaptive Wireless™ software, advanced receivers and diversity support are delivering dramatic performance advantages in HSDPA, doubling sector capacity and halving baseband costs. Already supporting 2.5G standards, GSM, GPRS and EDGE, Livanto® will be developed for additional air interfaces, including HSUPA, which can be consolidated on the same device.

The fundamental new soft architecture of Livanto® breaks the vicious cycle of handset availability lagging infrastructure for new standards. As well as being amongst the first to market with a 3.6Mbps HSDPA solution, Icera aims to drive the availability of faster and more complex standards through software upgrades on the same Livanto® device - but without the time and cost of developing, verifying and manufacturing new silicon. OEMs can deliver the same terminal, tailored to the standards and features of different geographic or consumer markets through software instead of hardware changes, quickly and easily. After sale, they can be field-upgraded as new infrastructure is rolled-out: a revolution in handset communications technology.

About Icera
Icera has developed a disruptive new architecture for cellular phones, cellular datacards and cellular modems, the Livanto® wireless soft modem and Adaptive Wireless™ software. Founded in 2002, Icera is headquartered in the UK, with design locations in Bristol and Cambridge UK and Sophia Antipolis, France, sales offices in Japan and the US and representative support in Korea.

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