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Samsung Galaxy S4 Setting It Up

By Kevin Thomas on 05th July 2013


A guide that takes you through the complete process of getting your Samsung Galaxy S4 up and running.


If the Samsung Galaxy S4 is your first Android smartphone then you might well be unfamiliar with the setup process, in which case a step by step guide can come in handy.


With that in mind Three have produced a useful video that takes you through the complete process of getting your Samsung Galaxy S4 up and running. However it’s worth a look even if your new phone is another Android handset, as the setup process is still going to be quite similar. You can see the full video guide below.


As you can see it’s a fairly simple process. Step one is obviously to turn on your phone, which in the case of the Galaxy S4 is done by pressing the button at the top. Then you have to choose your language from a drop down list and if you have a disability hampering your use - for example if you’re partially sighted or hard of hearing, there’s also an ‘accessibility options’ button here, which you can tap on to get some help.


Once you’re done on that screen, tap ‘Next’ and you’ll then be presented with a list of visible Wi-Fi networks. You can tap on one to join it, add a network manually, or tap scan to search for other networks if yours isn’t appearing. Alternatively if you’d rather not connect to a Wi-Fi network straight away then just tap next to skip that stage - you can always add one later, but without a network your smartphone will be somewhat limited so it’s usually best to add one if possible.


On the next screen you can change the date, time and time zone. In all likelihood the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have picked up the right settings anyway, but if not you can just tap on a field to change it. Then after that you have to read and accept an end user license agreement and an agreement with Samsung. Once you’ve read them just tap the box to confirm your acceptance and then tap ‘Next’.


You can then create a Samsung account or skip this step by pressing ‘Next’ again. After that you’ll be asked if you have a Google account. If you use Gmail then you can tap yes and just log in with that. If not you can create one or skip this step too for now by tapping ‘Next’. You’ll need a Google account to access Google Play and download apps so it’s well worth signing in or creating one.


You’ll then be asked whether you want to use Google’s location service. That’s entirely up to you and you can change your mind at any time by accessing the option in the settings menu. You’ll then be asked to enter your name and then given the option to link your phone up to Dropbox, giving you access to cloud storage.


The next screen gives you some general information about features specific to the Galaxy S4 and the final screen asks you to name your handset. After that you’re good to go. It might sound like a long process but in practice it’s quite quick - especially with this guide for reference.


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