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Samsung Galaxy S5 eye scanner fades out, fingerprint sensing display now on the cards

By Simon Thomas on 20th January 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept by Hasan Kaymak

Samsung's Galaxy S5 is the most hyped smartphone in the world right now and previous rumours suggested that it would come with innovative eye-scanning technology, which would be used to unlock the smartphone and authorise purchases on Google Play.


However, an industry source has now spoken out and declared that Samsung have decided not to include an Iris scanner in their next flagship after-all. Instead the source, who wishes to remain anonymous,  claims that the Korean company will follow Apple's lead and include a fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S5.


The iPhone 5S's TouchID fingerprint sensor is contained in the smartphones home-screen button, but Samsung will adopt a different approach by putting the sensors underneath the Galaxy S5's display. That will enable users to touch anywhere on the display and scan their pinkies, but we wonder whether it'll still function correctly with a screen-protector installed.


Fingerprint Cards AB, a Swedish fingerprint sensor developer, have already confirmed that they are working with a number of major mobile manufactures including ones from Korea. They added that the majority of manufacturers will integrate fingerprint technology into their devices this year, potentially including Samsung's Galaxy S5.


Why not an Iris scanner?


The industry source, who spoke with the KoreaHerald, pointed out a number of limitations of the technology including stating “Who would want to put their handset up close to their eyes for authentication in places like movie theaters and bed, or even while they are driving?"


That seems like a fair point and integrating the technology into smartphones would also apparently require an additional third camera, which would add bulk and weight. Any camera used for Iris scanning would need to be a "long range camera" and that would apparently require an all-new smartphone design.


But Samsung have already confirmed they've been investigating the use of Iris scanners, so we shouldn't rule out their inclusion in their future smartphone and tablets. Samsung's Galaxy S5 is expected to go on sale in April and as soon as we get more news you'll be the first to know.


Would you prefer an eye-scanner or a fingerprint sensor? We loved the iPhone 5S's fingerprint sensor and it's much more than just a gimmick - so we know which we'd prefer. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.




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