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Apple set to launch 12-inch iPad Pro later this year

By Simon Thomas on 08th January 2014

Apple iPad Air

Apple's to launch iPad Pro in response to Samsung's new super-sized tablets this year?

The choice facing those currently considering buying an Apple iPad is between the 9.7 inch iPad Air and the 7.9 inch iPad mini with Retina display. But later this year it looks as though Apple will release a new larger 12 inch tablet called the iPad Pro.

At least that's according to analyst Patrick Wang who claims that the Cupertino giant will launch the over-sized iPad Pro in Autumn, with his information apparently being validated by sources inside Apple's supply chain.

The new 12-inch iPad Pro is designed to bridge the gap between Apple's iPad tablet range and their MacBook Air. It's expected to have an all-new Apple A8 processor and based on Apple's previous habits we'd expect them to unveil the new tablet in October.


Earlier this week at CES 2014 Samsung wowed the tech-world with their Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 and TABPRO 12.2 tablets, which both come with whopping 12.2 inch displays running at 2560x1600 resolutions.


Samsung's decision to launch a couple of larger slates seems like a sensible move given how many people are ditching their laptops in favour of tablets. And it's therefore unsurprising to hear that Apple look set to launch their own super-sized tablet.


The one thing worrying thing to us about the iPad Pro is its potential price. The cheapest iPad Air costs £399, while prices for the 11-inch MacBook Air start at £849. With the iPad Pro set to sit somewhere between the two we're looking at a potential price of around £700. Ouch.

What you be interested in buying the 12-inch iPad Pro? Or is the 9.7 inch iPad already the perfect size. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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