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Sony Xperia Z - With Exmor RS for Mobile Explained

By Kevin Thomas on 14th February 2013

The Sony Xperia Z is Sony’s latest Xperia smartphone and also its flagship model. We recently compared the Xperia Z to both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and on both counts the Xperia Z took over as the “new king pin” of high end smartphones. Of course, this is in part due to it being the newest of the three and we expect a real tussle when the soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy S4 and the forthcoming Apple iPhone 6 arrive on the scene.


Sony Xperia Z with Exmor RS – with and without comparison

One of the features that take the Xperia Z to a new level is its camera which houses the world’s first image sensor with Exmor RS for mobile - with High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) video. The top and tail of what this brings to budding snappers can be seen in the image below. The photo taken displayed as 1) is without Exmor RS for mobile and 2) is with Exmor RS. It’s a no brainer we all want Exmor RS.


It’s pretty clear to us that with the Sony Xperia Z’s 13 megapixel camera and Exmor RS, you get sharp and crisp pictures in every light. Another cool aspect, just to mention it, is that the Xperia Z is also waterproof and dustproof which is a handy “add-on” for any late night or outdoor photography.


Sony Xperia Z with Exmor RS – the promo

Luckily, Sony have produced a promo video to outline the full capability of the Xperia Z’s photography capabilities and this can be viewed below.


With HDR, the camera automatically captures your image and then cleverly captures it at different exposure levels and then it combines them into one optimised image giving best exposure results. HDR is also included for video capture which brings good results even in high contrast conditions such as when on a beach in bright sunlight !



Sony Xperia Z with Exmor RS – Superior Auto

Another great photography feature on the Xperia Z is “Superior Auto”. This offers 36 different scenes which when combined with “Scene Recognition”, HDR image processing and noise reduction technology means its easy to get great results.


Other notable features are : Modeless UI gives you instant access to both camera and video mode, taking pictures in video mode and the sweep panorama capability.


We will be looking at the Xperia Z in more detail when we post our Sony Xperia Z Review which will be coming very soon.


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