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iPad 3 To Have Smaller 8 Inch Screen ?

By Simon Thomas on 15th February 2012

Apple are the "Kings of Surprises" and it looks like they could well shock the world again by going against Steve Jobs ethos about tablet screen-size.


Steve Jobs previously stated that a tablet needed to have at least a screen-size of 9.7 inches , but new rumours suggest Apple could be launching a new iPad with an 8 inch touch-screen.


According to new rumours from the Wall Street Journal, who spoke to sources with insider information, the new iPad will have an 8 inch touch-screen.  The new tablet will be announced in March, which is quickly becoming an Apple tradition.


Very little is known about the new iPad, but its rumoured to have a quad-core processor and that the screen will adopt a similar resolution to the iPad 2.  As soon 3G  hear any new information about its specification we'll let you know.


The radical change in Apple's policy could well be a direct response to the success of smaller tablet devices, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Note.  Apple's range is crying out for a more portable tablet and 3G can see a smaller tablet breaking all sorts of sales records.


One thing we're not yet sure about is whether the more compact iPad will be called the Apple iPad 3, or something else such as the iPad Mini. Rumours about the iPad Mini seem like they've been around since time first existed, but maybe this is its time !






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