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Photo Booth Coming To iOS Devices ?

By Simon Thomas on 24th February 2011

A leak provided by has given confirmation that Photo Booth will be coming to iOS devices. The website has obtained a patent which relates to Photo Booth running on iOS devices.


Photo Booth  is a graphic editing application which enables you to change/improve images on your mobile device. 


The effects that you will be able to apply your images include X-Ray, Glow , Thermal Effects and even Nightvision.  Additionally, it will support water effects, waves effects and reflections which will be able to change the properties of the environment of a photo.


The software will also be capable of adding audio effects to images, rotating images and adding brush strokes.


One interesting concept is the addition of gestures that will work with the software. For example shaking the device will add more ripples to the water or change the background colour.


Once we hear more about Photo Booth we'll let you know.



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