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The 3GMobile World Forum is now entering its fourth year with a new look and even bigger expectations. 2004 saw 450 senior global attendees, 75 exclusive top level presentations and 60 industry leading sponsors and partners. Since 2001, this essential event has grown and adapted to the 3G mobile telecom industry's needs and this year will be no exception. With a revamped format and most ambitious ever programme, the countdown is now on for 2005.





Live 3G Horse Racing

20th December, 2004

ASIA : Starting from 17 December, on every race day, 3G customers can watch horse races live anywhere with their video mobile phones. Real-time odds, results and dividends are also up for grabs on their 3G phones.

3 Hong Kong offers the city's first and only 3G mobile betting service. It enables customers to place bets on horse races and purchase Mark Six lottery tickets via video mobile phones. During the promotion period, a $100 charge for betting SIM cards will be waived for successful 3G mobile betting service applicants.

3's Racing Channel provides comprehensive visual and audio racing information such as race analysis, predictions and commentators' favourite combinations, allowing racing fans to grab the best winning opportunities as they arrive.
Good news for all Hong Kong racing fans! 3 Hong Kong has joined hands with The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) to provide real-time race clips and betting services on 3G video mobile phones. These innovative services have opened a new chapter for video-based mobile horse racing entertainment.

On every race day, 3G customers can simply log on to 3's Racing Channel with their video mobile phones, select "Horse Racing Live" and then watch races at Sha Tin or Happy Valley racecourses live on the screens of their video mobile phones. Real-time odds, racing results and dividends are also available at the press of just a few buttons. What could be more convenient than watching real-time race clips and betting on horses or buying Mark Six tickets via the advanced 3G mobile betting service?

3 Hong Kong is currently the only 3G operator to provide mobile video horse racing entertainment. "Horse Racing Live" is available at a monthly fee of only $25 during the promotion period. 3's high-speed video streaming technology provides sharp and high-quality video images of races live on 3G video mobile phones. Users can not only check the latest results and dividends on all racing pools, but also watch races live with Cantonese or English commentaries (basic video minutes will be deducted). They will also be able to make use of veteran commentators' live commentaries, analyses on horse forms and tips. Whether on-course or off-course, racing fans can enjoy the best of horse racing entertainment and a wide variety of racing information on their video mobile phones.

Mrs Agnes Nardi, Managing Director of 3 Hong Kong, said: "3 Hong Kong has started a new wave of video mobile communication in Hong Kong. We are committed to continuously expanding the mobile entertainment market and providing customers with the latest and most useful video contents. Horseracing is one of Hong Kong's most popular sports. We are glad to have joined hands with the Jockey Club to be the first to provide real-time race clips and 3G betting services on video mobile phones. By extending the applications of multi-function 3G video mobile phones and high-quality video streaming technology, we have offered racing fans a new experience in horse racing."

3G video mobile phone provides one-stop betting services

The 3G mobile betting service, only provided by 3, is as user-friendly, flexible, fast and reliable as the 2G mobile betting service. It has no monthly fee - only a "T", or text unit, will be deducted from users' monthly plans. Customers can also choose Text Content packages to enjoy more savings.

After registering for the 3G mobile betting service at any 3Shop and opening a betting account with HKJC (applicants must be aged 18 or above), 3-3G- customers will be able to place bets on all racing pools and buy Mark Six tickets anywhere - even at racecourses - with specified video mobile phone models. Existing or new customers who have successfully applied for 3G betting services will receive a waiver on the $100 card replacement fee for a 3G betting SIM. On placing their first bet through the service, 3-3G- customers will obtain a $50 tariff rebate.

Log on to the Racing Channel to access first-hand information

Apart from broadcasting races live on video mobile phones, 3 also provides a variety of reference information on horse races via the Racing Channel. The channel provides text-based, voice-based or video-based racing information. Commentators Ko Sing Chun and Dip New share their latest insights on "Ko Sing Chun and Dip New's Audio Commentary" session. The information is updated every Tuesday and Friday before each race day, with each voice message charged at M*+$2.

Two other services, "ihorses" and "Racing 21", are also available for subscription. The "ihorse" service, which costs $60 a month, features race analysis, predictions and the personal favourite combinations of popular commentators. "Racing 21", at $28 a month, provides race cards, odds, running analysis, past performance, statistics, racing news and the tips of commentator Dip New.

3-sponsored horse statue on display at Golden Bauhinia Square until year's end

3 Hong Kong supported HKJC's "Horses Across Hong Kong" extravaganza, in celebration of the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Races, with a statue of a horse that will be on display at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchai until 31 December 2004. The statue symbolises 3 as the finest of breeds, forging ahead and being a winner at all times!

With two new aces in hand - first-in-Hong Kong real-time race clips and 3G mobile betting service - 3 is spreading the excitement of horse racing to every corner of Hong Kong, greatly enhancing the mobile betting experience of racing fans and adding spice to local sport.

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