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World’s First Mobile Phone with Zigbee Solution

8th December, 2004

ASIA : Pantech&Curitel features world first Zigbee phone at Zigbee Alliance Festival held at Marriott Hotel today. Zigbee is one of the wireless data transmission solutions with home networking automation function. Korea’s Korwin and Orange Logic share its credit in the development – home networking and location based services(LBS) respectively. Simply speaking, a mobile phone meets cost-effective ubiquitous technology.

The festival is hosted by Zigbee Alliance, an association of companies working together toward future Zigbee products on global standard. At the ceremony, Pantech&Curitel exhibits the world’s first Zigbee-applied mobile phone. The model P1 was available without Zigbee solution at the market from last September. Yet this ubiquitous phone at its test stage would not be immediately available for sale. According to Mi-Hyang Han, a person in charge at Pantech&Curitel, “The worldwide IT industry is progressing toward wireless ubiquitous environments. A mobile phone, becoming more like a commodity, is likely to be a hub of upcoming ubiquitous era.”

Zigbee technology, for example, makes it possible to control the home network. At the festival, the Zigbee-applied P1 of Pantech&Curitel will demonstrate intellectual home/building networking service such as controlling electrical appliances, alarming mail receiving, checking temperature and humidity, sending mobile messages to alarm in case of trespass. Moreover, with LBS the Zigbee phone can guide more precise information on the route than exiting GPS function. For instance, it provides you with the names of restaurant and even the menu or price of the chosen restaurant without connecting wireless internet.

Pantech&Curitel has already launched its 13 models of mobile banking phones, which are considered as the first stage of ubiquitous. It latest model, PH-K1500 can recognize the scanned letters by OCR(Optical Character Reader) with Bluetooth function. In 2005, Pantech and Pantech&Curitel are planning to launch more handsets with Bluetooth, IrDA(Infrared Data Association), Zigbee and DMB mobile phones.

About WPAN(Wireless Personal Area Network) technology
WPAN technology can be classified into three big categories- IrDA, Bluetooth and Zigbee. IrDA transfers data in a very short distance with higher speed and security. Bluetooth and Zigbee carry out bigger data in a broader range of area. Especially, those two technologies are expected to lead future ubiquitous markets.

IrDA Bluetooth Zigbee
Frequency (using infrared light) 2.4GHz 2.4GHz, 868MHz, 915MHz
Transmission Distance 1m 10~100m 30m
Main Function Faster Data transmission Voice transmission Sensor Control/ Data Control
Both Pantech and Pantech&Curitel already developed the mobile phones with WPAN technology. They are now expected to lead the future ubiquitous markets with leading-edge technology.

About Pantech&Curitel
Pantech&Curitel (President & CEO, Moon-Seob, Song) is one of the BIG3 handset manufacturers in Korea. Since 1983, Pantech&Curitel has been designing and manufacturing mobile phones for global market. Leading the world of wireless technology, Pantech&Curitel capitalize its years of experience and technology in ever increasing market share.

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