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ZTE To Launch High-End Windows 8 Smartphone

By Simon Thomas on 06th August 2012

Earlier this year Microsoft confirmed that Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei would all be making smartphones for the new Windows Phone 8 platform which is expected to be unveiled in October.


Now we can add ZTE to the list after they confirmed they'd be making at least one smartphone running on Windows Phone 8. Sadly, no other details about the smartphone have been made available other than the mobile will launch in 2013.


The Windows Phone 8 platform adds support for high-end devices with faster multi-core processors and high-resolution touch-screens, so ZTE are hoping to release a premium smartphone. This also fits in with ZTE's ambition to move into higher end devices and to take their brand away from the affordable image they've built-up.


Even though ZTE are aiming to move into higher end smartphones they are still keen to keep their prices competitive, which is a sensible idea because they don't have the premium brand image to set their prices similar to the likes of Samsung and Apple.


Microsoft announced that current Windows smartphones won't be upgradable to Windows Phone 8, which is bad news for those who already own Windows smartphone, but could be good news for those producing Windows Phone 8 smartphones because anyone wanting to benefit from Windows Phone 8 will need to upgrade their mobile.


As soon as 3G hear anything more about the launch of the ZTE Windows Phone 8 smartphone we'll let you know.

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