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LG G3 S vs LG G3

LG G3 S vs LG G3: What are the differences?

21st July, 2014

The LG G3 S is slightly smaller and a little less expensive than the

LG goes hands-on with the G Watch

LG goes hands-on with the G Watch

18th July, 2014

LG lead us through everything that the LG G Watch can do and more.


LG G3S/Beat is a more affordable and compact version of LG's G3

17th July, 2014

LG have unveiled a more affordable version of their flagship LG G3.

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LG G3 Black

LG G3 Review

10th June, 2014

The LG G3 smartphone has a large 5.5in display and a huge Quad-HD

LG G Pro 2 Review Photo 2

LG G Pro 2 Hands-On Review

28th April, 2014

We get our hands-on with the LG G Pro 2. But how does it compare to

LG G Flex review

LG G Flex Review by 3G.co.uk

14th February, 2014

The LG G Flex is a powerful, eye catching phone, with great battery

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LG Logo

LG Optimus G2 Appears In Teaser Video | 3G.co.uk

4th January, 2013

The LG Optimus G2 will be unveiled at CES 2013 and LG have now

LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G - Hands On Video Review

22nd October, 2012

LG have posted a couple of hands on videos of the LG Optimus G.

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LG Optimus G2 Press Invite

LG Optimus G2 Launching In August : Teaser Video Released

8th July, 2013

LG have confirmed they'll unveil the LG Optimus G2 in August. Can

LG Optimus G2

LG Optimus G2 Images and Specification Leaked : But Are LG Off Their Rocker ?

27th June, 2013

The Optimus G2 is LG's next flagship smartphone. Pictures and a

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LG Electronics is a South Korean manufacturer that specialises in consumer devices, primarily TVs. The mobile communications arm produces a range of 3G phones, 3G smartphones and accessories, from wallet-friendly budget models to premium 3G mobiles boasting the latest and greatest features. Many of its phones are focused on fashionable design, and its partnership with Prada has produced some highly desirable mobiles.


It’s not all about looks though – speedy 3G web access, Google Android OS and tons of great features make LG smartphones truly great mobile devices. LG is also one of the first mobile phone companies to produce a quad-core smartphone for powerful multitasking. See our phone news, insider news, video news and phone reviews for the full low-down.

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