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HTC Desire Eye Review - Photo 1

HTC Desire Eye Review

13th November, 2014

HTC has dubbed its Desire Eye a super selfie camera – and with both

HTC One Mini 2 Review Photo 1

HTC One Mini 2 Review

29th May, 2014

Gorgeous, just like the One (M8), HTC’s One mini 2 mixes hardware

HTC Desire 500 Black

HTC Desire 500 Review

5th December, 2013

Read our review of the HTC Desire 500. How does HTC's mid-range

HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini Review

28th July, 2013

Wrapped in an attractive and stylish, svelte package, the HTC One


HTC One SV Review

30th January, 2013

Media streaming is a joy thanks to the HTC One SV’s 4G support –

HTC One X+

HTC One X+ Review By

29th November, 2012

If you can cope with its size, the HTC One X+ is a wonderful handset.

Windows Phone 8X By HTC

HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

30th October, 2012

It’s not often you see a phone that has something to offer

HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C Review

14th June, 2012

The Desire C shows it is possible to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich


HTC One S Review

9th April, 2012

If you’re after something smaller than the mighty HTC One X, the

HTC Explorer

HTC Explorer Review

16th January, 2012

The HTC Explorer offers a smartphone expierence at a great price!

HTC Desire Review

HTC Desire 510 Review: First Impressions

26th August, 2014

The HTC Desire 510 is a mid-range handset that bundles in support for

HTC One M8

HTC One M8 Review

30th March, 2014

We were enamoured by the original One, and love its replacement too.

HTC One Max Glacial Silver

HTC One Max Review

16th October, 2013

We review the HTC One Max. How does HTC's fingerprint touting Android

HTC One Review

HTC One Review

21st March, 2013

The HTC One may be delayed but we still found a review copy.

Windows Phone 8S By HTC

HTC Windows Phone 8S Review

19th December, 2012

This light, good-looking phone suffers from a poor battery life and


HTC One XL Review

7th November, 2012

Like its predecessor, the HTC One XL proves to be a neat handset for

HTC Desire X

HTC Desire X Review

22nd October, 2012

HTC has come up with a smartphone that offers plenty for everyone,


HTC One V Review By

15th April, 2012

This is quite a bargain, with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and some


HTC One X Review

2nd April, 2012

Every so often a phone comes along that does everything right. It

HTC Rhyme Purple

HTC Rhyme Review

13th December, 2011

The HTC Rhyme is unique, nicely designed handset but it’s pricey.

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