Facebook Smartphone

HTC First - Facebook Phone

HTC First - Facebook Phone With Dedicated UI

4th April, 2013

The HTC First is the first dedicated Facebook Phone. It'll feature a

HTC Myst Specification

HTC Myst - Facebook Smartphone Status Updated !

11th March, 2013

The HTC Myst is a Facebook smartphone built from the ground-up with

HTC Facebook Smartphone

HTC Facebook Smartphone - First Details Leaked !

5th November, 2012

Details of the Facebook smartphone being made by HTC have leaked.

Facebook Logo

HTC Myst Facebook Smartphone Landing April 4th

2nd April, 2013

Facebook and HTC are expected to unveil the HTC Myst on April 4th.

Facebook Logo

Facebook Smartphone To Be Unveiled January 15th

9th January, 2013

Facebook Smartphone - Facebook have called a press event on January

Facebook Logo

Facebook Smartphone Launching Next Year

27th July, 2012

Facebook are said to be working on a branded smartphone made by HTC.

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