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EE hike its prices a tad for exisiting customers

10th April, 2014

EE customers who joined or upgraded before January 2014 are about to


EE’s 4G Mobile Network rollout moves up a gear

20th February, 2014

EE goes from strength to strength with more towns and cities getting


EE’s 4G Customer Base Doubles in 4 Months

8th January, 2014

EE has announced impressive 4G subscriber figures along with growth


EE Set New Benchmarks for Call Quality and Reliability

16th December, 2013

EE has released plans of how it is improving call quality and

EE 4G rollout

EE launches 4G in 10 more towns, with another 19 in next 3 weeks

4th December, 2013

EE has announced that 4G is live in ten more towns with a further 19


EE Switches On 4G In Another 14 Towns Leaving Rivals In Their Wake

30th October, 2013

EE's 4G network continues to go from strength to strength with


EE Introduce New Affordable 4G Tariffs and Slash 4G Prices Across The Board

17th October, 2013

EE have introduced a range of new affordable 4G tariffs and slashed

4GEE speed

EE Comes Out On Top in RootScore 3G and 4G Tests in Newcastle

5th July, 2013

Another test of 3G and 4G network speeds covering how all the major

Three’s Ultrafast vs EE’s 4G

Three’s Ultrafast vs EE’s 4G - Putting Them to the Test

24th June, 2013

A number of independent Ultrafast and 4G mobile tests provide some


EE Delivers An Impressive 4G Performance In Manchester

5th June, 2013

EE rule the roost in Manchester with 4G connectivity speeds

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EE introduce new low price 4G plans and the budget EE Kestrel smartphone

26th March, 2014

EE have introduced a new range of affordable 4G plans which start at

EE 4g shop

EE to Open 50 New Retail Shops

21st January, 2014

EE has announced it will open 50 new retail outlets in 2014 as part

EE 4G roaming

EE Targets 4G Roaming For Visitors to the UK

19th December, 2013

EE has agreed the first 4G roaming agreement in the UK. AT&T's

EE 4G Tech City

EE launches 4G LTE-Advanced trial in London

9th December, 2013

EE launch the first trial of 4G LTE-Advanced in the UK. The trial is

4G LTE Advanced

EE Readies Quad Speed 4G - LTE Advanced

5th November, 2013

EE will offer 4G download speeds of up to 300Mbps and this will

EE 4G Pay As You Go

4G Pay As You Go Touching Down On EE

17th October, 2013

EE are launching the first 4G Pay As You Go tariffs in the UK.

EE Swap

4GEE Swap : Upgrade to a new smartphone after just 6 months on EE

11th September, 2013

EE have launched "Swap" which enables customers to upgrade to a new


4G Spectrum Share Stalls For Three and EE

25th June, 2013

EE has vetoed the talks and will use its 800MHz frequency allocation


EE Launching Pioneering 4G New Plans And Innovations

11th June, 2013

Shared 4GEE plans will allow customers to use 4G on their phone or


EE Announces New 30-Day SIM-Only 4G Tariffs

5th June, 2013

New 30-Day SIM-only option with a variety of tariffs with 4G

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