4G LTE Advanced

What is 4G LTE Advanced ? and What Is Happening in the UK

10th July, 2013

We give an overview of 4G LTE Advanced ( 4G ), its history, speed and

4G Filter

4G TV Interference - The Darker Side Of 4G

23rd April, 2013

4G networks delivers speeds up to 20 times faster than 3G. However,

Nokia-Siemens Networks

O2 Choose Nokia-Siemens To Prepare 4G Network

2nd January, 2013

O2 have chosen Nokia Siemens to prepare its 4G network for its launch

EE Logo

EE To Bring 4G To 17 New Towns And Cities Early In 2013 !

13th December, 2012

EE will rollout 4G to another 17 towns and cities in the 1st quarter

Apple iPhone 5

Apple's Share of 4G Market Growing Quickly !

11th December, 2012

Apple are quickly making up for lost time in the global 4G market.

EE Logo

EE Announce Two New 4G MVNO Partners

6th December, 2012

EE have announced two new MVNO partners who will offer 4G from next

Huawei 4G

Huawei Launch 4G Marketing Campaign In UK !

19th November, 2012

Huawei have launched a 4G marketing campaign in the UK !

Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE

Mophie Juice Pack Now Available For Samsung Galaxy SIII

13th November, 2012

Mophie have released a Juice Pack for the Galaxy SIII.


OFCOM Outline 4G Auction Details !

12th November, 2012

OFCOM have outlined the details and timescale for the 4G auctions.


Turn Your 4G Smartphone Into A Payment Terminal With iZettle

7th November, 2012

iZettle is now available on EE and turns your 4G smartphone into a

4G in the UK

What is 4G LTE? and What Is Happening in the UK

9th July, 2013

We give an overview of 4G LTE ( 4G ), its history, speed and what's


4G Auction Bidding Has Now Officially Begun !

24th January, 2013

Bidding in the UK 4G Auctions has now officially begun with 7 bidders


At Least 5 Operators Submit 4G Applications To OFCOM !

14th December, 2012

At least five operators have applied to bid in the UK 4G auctions.

4G Mobile Mast

UK 4G Auctions Have Officially Begun !

12th December, 2012

The UK 4G auctions have officially submit applications their

4G Network

4G Auction To Generate £3.5 Billion In Revenue

6th December, 2012

The government expects to generate £3.5 billion from the 4G auctions.


ZTE Unveil World's Smallest 4G Dongle

29th November, 2012

ZTE have launched the world's smallest 4G mobile broadband dongle.


Three Continue DC-HSDPA Rollout With 4G Details Remaining Elusive !

16th November, 2012

Three are continuining to rollout DC-HSDPA , but are remaining quiet

EE Logo

Kevin Bacon Explains 4G On EE's Adverts

12th November, 2012

Kevin Bacon features on EE's 4G LTE adverts in the UK.


Windows Phone 8 Users Get Free Access To 11 Million WiFi Hotspots

7th November, 2012

Microsoft have signed a deal to offer US Windows Phone 8 users access

Huawei E392 4G dongle

EE Unveil 4G Mobile Broadband and MiFi Deals !

31st October, 2012

EE have unveiled their 4G mobile broadband and MiFi deals !

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