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3 SIM Only Deals

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Save money today by switching to a SIM Only deal. Choose from one of our Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go plans.

SIM Only deals on Three come with:

Free 0800 calls Tethering on monthly plans
4G at no extra cost Unlimited texts 
Free roaming abroad Low balance text alerts
Unlimited data plans Keep your number

SIM Only Contracts for Phones (12 Months) 

Cheapest 3 SIM Only Contract Deal Contract 3 SIM Only Deal 2
Contract 3 SIM Only Deal 4 Contract 3 SIM Only Deal 3
Contract 3 SIM Only Deal 5 Contract 3 SIM Only Deal 6

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SIM Only Contracts for Phones (1 Month Rolling Contract)

1 Month Contract 3 SIM Only Deal 1 1 Month Contract 3 SIM Only Deal 2

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Pay As You Go SIM for Phones

Three Pay As You Go SIM Deal 1 Three Pay As You Go SIM Deal 2


Data Only SIMs (for iPad, Tablets, Dongles and MiFi)

3 Data Only SIM Deal 1 3 Data Only SIM Deal 2
Pay As You Go Three Data SIM 1 Three Pay As You Go Data SIM 2

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What is a SIM Only deal?

A SIM Only deal offers you a bundle of minutes, text and data just like a standard mobile phone contract. However, the difference is that you don't get a smartphone you only get a SIM Card included which enables you to save a significant amount of money.

Why choose a SIM Only contract?

SIM Only plans have a number of advantages over standard phone contracts including;

  • Shorter Contract Lengths  - SIM Only contracts come with shorter contract lengths than standard mobile contracts. We offer SIMs on 1 month rolling contract or 12 month contracts. 
  • Keep your number - Transferring over your existing number is quick, free and easy. Follow the 3 simple steps on our Keep your number guide after your SIM arrives.
  • Keep your existing device  - Keep the exisiting phone you love and save money on your monthly cost while you wait example for a new smartphone to launch.
  • Great Value deals - SIM Only deals offer much better value than standard Pay As You Go and fully-fledged mobile contracts. That's because we don't have to give a share of their profit to the mobile manufacturers - so the savings are passed onto you the customers.

Why Choose Three SIM Only?

All SIM Only contracts and Pay As You Go SIMs come with a host of added extras that you won't get elsewhere including:

  • 4G at no extra cost  - All our SIM Only plans come with '4G at no extra cost'. In order to enjoy 4G you'll just need 4G ready phone when 4G isn't available you can still use our 3G network.
  • Free Roaming Abroad - Use your minutes, text and data abroad at no extra cost in 18 Feel At Home destinations, which now include Spain and New Zealand.
  • Free 0800 Calls  - Contract SIM plans come with free calls to 0800 numbers.
  • Unlimited data  - We offer unlimited data SIM Only contracts and we mean truly unlimited with no catches.
  • Tethering included  - Contract SIM Only plans come with tethering included enabling you to share your data with other devices using your smartphone. 

Three Pay As You Go SIM

Pay As You Go SIMs offer even more flexibility than a SIM Only contract and come with low Pay As You Go rates that don't expire, just 3p per minute, 2p per text and 1p per MB of data. And you'll still get a host of including 4G at no extra cost and free roaming abroad. We'll even send you text alerts when your balance is getting low.

3G SIM Only with 4G at no extra cost

All of our SIM deals come with a SIM card that supports both 3G and 4G networks. The best news of all is that every customer gets 4G at no extra cost. All you need is a 4G ready phone and you'll automatically connect to the 4G network when in a coverage area and when not you'll roll back onto our Ultrafast 3G network.

Unlimited Data SIM Only

Yes, that's right we offer unlimited data SIM Only deals, which are perfect for those who are always browsing the web on the move. And all our unlimited data plans come with 4G at no extra cost, along with tethering and free roaming abroad in 18 countries. Choose from one of 1 month or 12 month unlimited data SIM only plans and stream, browse and social network to your hearts content.

Which type of 3 SIM do i need?

Different smartphones use different types of SIMs, so check below and see if you can find your device in the list or check with your manufacturer.  If in doubt you can always call our customer support on 0800 358 9048.

  • Standard SIM  - For use in the majority of older phones.

  • Micro SIM  - For use in the majority of modern smartphones including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Apple iPad . Apple iPad 2 and the Apple iPad 4. 

  • Nano-SIM - For use in some of the latest smartphones including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad mini, HTC One M8 and iPad Air.

# sales team/customer service: 0800 358 9048

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