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About 3G

History of 3G

3G went live way back in 1999. At that time 3G wireless networks and 3G mobile phones had been talked about and some development work was underway - but no more. reported on 3G industry and technology news from 1999 to 2009. For ten years, was the world's premier source for news relating to 3G wireless networks, 3G test equipment, software and events.

In 2009, we decided to switch the focus of the website from world-wide and industry related to UK and 3G mobile phones only. This was always planned and so we at 3G then focused on mobile phone news and of course mobile phone reviews. 3G is currently producing a library of 3G Guides covering a glossary of terms and all aspects of 3G mobile phone technology.


The 3G Team

Kevin Thomas, 3G Editor

3G Editor

The editor of is Kevin Thomas who has over 20 years of telecoms and mobile phone technology experience. He was at 3G when the very first news article was written in approx. 2001. Since then he has overseen over 50,000 articles, reviews and features posted on 3G. Kevin has developed a unique team of people to support him.

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Simon Thomas, 3G Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Simon Thomas aged 28 handles the day to day running of 3G. Not only does he write features and reviews, but he also manages all aspects of the website. Simon has a first class Honours degree and has been with 3G for over 5 years.

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Social Media Support

Laura Mason aged 25 supports 3G in the area of social media such as Facebook,You Tube and Twitter ( plus all the other social media sites as well ). Another important area that Laura helps with is proof reading. Laura has worked with 3G for over 3 years.

Content Writers

We have two main other content writers who are Peter Noble and Dee Leach and both have been supporting 3G for over 2 years. There are also a number of sub-contract journalists who produce articles for 3G which are overseen by the Editor.

Review Writers

3G has a number of mobile phone, tablet and smartphone reviewers at hand - some of which are also the content writers above - whilst others are sub-contract.

# sales team/customer service: 0800 358 9048

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