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Nokia City Lens Now Available On Lumia Smartphones

By Simon Thomas on 03rd September 2012

Nokia City Lens is now available to download on Lumia smartphones after Nokia make the beta available to download.


The application, which is exclusive to Lumia smartphones, is an augmented reality browser which enables you to user your smartphone to find all the places they want to go. All you do is look through your cameras display on your smartphone and you'll see all the places around your location.


For example, you can view restaurants in view or find the way to the nearest train station. You can then click on locations to view more details about them such as detailed descriptions, reviews and contact details.



Nokia City Lens also enables you to share your location with your favourite social networks , while you can also view locations in a list view, on a map or through the camera view described previously. You can download Nokia City Lens by clicking here.

More and more complex augmented reality applications are appearing all the time and 3G expects them to be a huge growth area in the next year. We'll bring you all the latest developments as and when we hear more !

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