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Windows Phone 7 Not Getting the BBC iPlayer

By Simon Thomas on 06th September 2011

The BBC iPlayer application is a hugely popular application that lets you catch up with your latest shows when you've missed them or are away from your TV.


The application is already available for the iPhone, Android and select Blackberry mobiles. With the growing popularity of Windows smartphones , which is expected to grow even more when Nokia launches Windows smartphones, you'd expect the BBC iPlayer to become available.


However, in a response to an email from the guys at WMPoweruser the BBC stated the iPlayer wouldn't be made available for Windows smartphones.


To be fair to the BBC it isn't out of choice because the problem with Windows Phone operating system is that  it doesn't support HLS or Adobe Flash , which are the two technologies used by the BBC to stream video.


However, we got the impression that once the technology was made available that the BBC would make an iPlayer application for Windows Phone 7.



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