3G Simple Cell-Phones Released

15th September , 2005

ASIA : KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce two new au CDMA 1X 3G "Simple Cell-phones", expanding the line-up of au handsets that offer simplicity and convenience for older customers and other people who find cell-phones difficult to use.

The Simple Cell-Phone A101K from Kyocera Corporation is a voice-only handset that can be used with ease by older customers to make and receive calls, while the Simple Cell-Phone A5517T from Toshiba Corporation, which has a large screen and keys, enables e-mail and EZweb to be used with ease, as well as Safe Navi capability.

Both models will be available nationally from mid-October. The main capabilities of each model are as follows.

'A101 K' (from Kyocera)

Voice-only capability, enabling calls to be made and received easily

One-touch buttons make it easy to call numbers registered in advance (comes complete with special-purpose stickers for writing numbers on)

Ring volume switch makes it easy to set silent mode, and to check volume setting at a glance

Sliding power switch that uses color to show whether power is on or off

Comes complete with "strap with clip" for users to write their phone number on

A5517 T (from Toshiba)

2.4-inch, big-screen QVGA LCD makes text large and easy to read

Easily readable keys for "Call," "Off," etc., and big keys that are easy to press

Large speakers and "High Ring Volume" make it easy to hear the phone ringing

Smart Mode and default settings make basic functions, such as voice calls and e-mail, easy to use
Holding down keys 1-3 enables easy calling of numbers registered in advance

Safe Navi capability makes it easy to check where family members are at all times

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Great Deals on the Latest 3G Handsets
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