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Samsung Galaxy Ace Getting Android 2.3.5

By Simon Thomas on 27th October 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace owners have been waiting for quite some time for the upgrade to Android 2.3.4. Three have now announced that it won't be coming to the Galaxy Ace, but you needn't worry because they've confirmed that Android 2.3.5 will be brought to the compact smartphone.


We don’t have any detail about what improvements Android 2.3.5 will bring to the Galaxy Ace because Three merely confirmed its coming on their Twitter account.


The update on other mobiles has been a rather minor one that improved the Gmail application and improved overall performance and stability.


However, because the Ace is skipping the 2.3.4 update 3G assumes it’ll also get those upgrades when it moves to 2.3.5. The big improvement brought by 2.3.4 was video calling so we’d expect that to feature.


The Galaxy Ace is a decent mid-range mobile with our review of the mobile concluding that “The Galaxy Ace offers good looks and a decent price”. You can read 3G’s full Samsung Galaxy Ace review by clicking here.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace is available free on a number of tariffs on Three including the One Plan for £27 a month. You can view all the Galaxy Ace deals on Three by clicking here.


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