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Google Music Finally Goes Live In The UK !

By Simon Thomas on 14th November 2012

Google have now launched their Google Music service in the UK after they finally made agreements to license the service. Google Music can be accessed via an online website or by downloading the Google Play Music application on your Android smartphone or tablet.


One of the main reasons to use Google Music over other services is that Google service enable users to store up to 20,000 tracks free in stunning 320kpbs quality. This enables users to access their music collection wherever they are and tracks can even be made available for offline access.


Google Music also incorporates "Scan & Match" technology which will match users tracks with those already uploaded on Google Music. This ensures that all track information is correct and saves users time because they won't have to upload tracks already present on Google's servers.


As you might have guessed Google Music also allows users to buy tracks from the Google Music Store. Individual tracks, which are DRM-free, cost between 79p and £1.29 , while full albums start at £5.99 and go up to £12.99 for the latest albums.


Google have also incorporated some excellent social network features into Google Music. For example, you can share a track with a friend on Google+ giving them a full play-through of the tune before they decide to buy.


Google Music is accessible by visiting or by downloading the Google Play Music application on your Android device.

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