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Vodafone Freebees - Will You Grab or Grow ?

By Simon Thomas on 21st November 2011


Vodafone have introduced all new Vodafone Freebees , which are rewards you get for topping up on Vodafone Pay As You Go.


You can now choose to Grab your Freebee for instant rewards, such as free video-rental, free texts or free chocolate. Alternatively, you can choose to grow your Freebees and save them up for a bigger Freebee such as £10 vouchers for retail stores, a Sony HiFi and even an Apple iPod.


The video above is the new TV advert for Vodafone Freebees which should be airing across the UK already.


3G thinks this a smart move from Vodafone and follows the classic Nectar/Air Miles formula which proved so popular with consumers when it launched way back when.


You can view all the latest mobile deals on Vodafone by clicking here.

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