New 3G Company Offers E-RAN Platform

New 3G Company Offers E-RAN Platform

3rd November , 2009


US : A new company has unveiled its new 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi wireless platform which they say will resolve capacity and coverage problems when indoors. Spidercoud Wireless is aiming the new platform for use by 3G mobile operators.


The new platform allows mobile operators to manage or deploy customized Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G wireless networks onto one single platform. The system Spidercloud Wireless have developed is based on E-RAN (Enterprise Radio Access Network ) offers a big step forward in the key areas of cost and performance.


Spidercloud’s Enterprise Radio Access Network ( E-RAN ) platform utilizes the Radio Nodes (SCRN) and the SmartCloud Services Node (SCSN). The E-RAN brings “zero-touch”  installation features and much lower cost routing options. The end result is a self organizing, purpose built wireless network which brings a suite of data and voice apps to many handsets.


E-RAN brings together the functionality and security of cellular networks with the utility and economics of enterprise data networks.


“We are extremely excited by the E-RAN technology that SpiderCloud has developed to help reduce operators’ Capex and Opex,” said Carl Showalter, general partner at Opus Capital. “By deploying the network directly within the enterprise, operators benefit from increased capacity while dramatically improving the subscriber experience.”


SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. is comprised of repeat entrepreneurs and executives with proven success from companies such as Cisco Systems, Flarion Technologies, Juniper Networks and Qualcomm. The company’s vision is to deliver a technology platform that redefines the architecture, economics and performance of wireless networks.


The company has raised in excess of $35 million to commercialize its E-RAN system for mobile operators. System testing is commencing with European mobile network operators this month with general availability of the technology platform scheduled for 2010.


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