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3G Operator 3 Signs Warner Music Deal

16 November , 2005

Europe UK : 3, the mobile media company, announced today that Warner Music is the third major record label to supply fill-length audio and video tracks to its 3 million customers. Madonna's latest single "Hung Up" is also being premiered exclusively on 3 to launch the partnership.

Nick Phillips, Chairman, Warner Music UK, commented: "We're very excited about the potential of music over mobile and it is really taking off in the UK. Mobile media is a great opportunity for us to get more and more people playing the tracks they want, whenever and wherever they want them. That is why mobile distribution on 3 has been a key component of the launch of Madonna's new single."

Bob Fuller( inset ), CEO 3, said: ”The major record labels are seeing the value of mobile media. Everyone has a mobile phone and most people don’t leave home without it. This means mobile phones have an unrivalled ability to deliver media content to consumers. Not only that, 3G mobiles mean that record labels can make money from videos which were traditionally only promotional material.”

3’s groundbreaking mobile music service allows users to buy, watch and listen to music on the move, any time, anywhere. 3’s recently announced an innovative Dual Download service that allows customers to simultaneously download music tracks to their mobile phone and PC at no extra cost.

Warner Music is the third major record label to join 3, alongside artists from Sony BMG, EMI and Vidzone.

Mobile music highlights and innovations on 3:

- Madonna’s first mobile exclusive on 3.

- World premiere of Robbie Williams’ single ‘Misunderstood’, ahead of radio and TV

- World’s first mobicast

- 15 million music tracks and videos downloaded on 3

- Full-length music videos and audio tracks available on 3

3 is a mobile media company delivering a convergence of communications, entertainment and information to customers on the move.

The three areas which form the core of its business are:

· Communications – including all forms of personal communications, voice and video calling; text, picture and video messaging; and mobile blogging

· Entertainment – including television, music audio and video, computer games, and media publishing

· Information services – including wireless web, access to the best of the internet and a range of news services

3 services are available from sister companies in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy and Sweden. 3 holds UMTS licences in Indonesia and Norway.

Great Deals on the Latest 3G Handsets
Great Deals on the Latest 3G Handsets