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3G Wireless Music Content to Consumers in Belgium

14 November , 2005

Europe UK : Jamba! and Proximus announced today that Proximus will use Jamba!'s digital content services to provide customers with premium music downloads. Proximus is the first mobile operator in Belgium to offer 3G services and mobile music content through its Vodafone live! multimedia portal.

Together, Jamba! and Proximus will provide customers with current and popular music content from major record labels and a host of independent labels covering a variety of music genres.

By accessing a portal and content managed by Jamba! via its affiliated company, Jamster International Sárl, Proximus' customers will be able to download quality full tracks to their 3G handsets, thus evolving their mobile phones into MP3 players.

Consumers will be able to choose from more than 50,000 tracks on the Proximus portal, which is being populated to host more than 250,000 songs within six months. Users can download a 30-second preview of all songs free of charge. Once downloaded from the Proximus web site, users can listen to individual tracks as often as they like, but, in line with Digital Rights Management (DRM) best practices, downloaded songs cannot be shared between mobile users.

Ralf Wenzel ( inset above ), Jamba!'s director for Business Development says: "With Proximus, we have gained another key partner to help lead the way with rapidly implemented solutions and unequalled content. This cooperation confirms our commitment to work with international partners, including global mobile phone operators and media companies, which entrust us with their multi-channel mobile content requirements."

Jamba! and Proximus designed the portal with ease of use in mind so consumers can easily and quickly browse and search for tracks using various search options. Importantly for the Belgian market, the portal is available in English, French and German. The site recognises language settings chosen on each mobile phone and adapts portal content accordingly. It also reflects Proximus' corporate design, which is an advantage of the Jamba! service, which can be adapted to any design.

This Jamba! alliance highlights the company's position as an innovative supplier of mobile content solutions to media and telecommunications companies.

Jamba!'s business-to-business department offers tailored content solutions primarily to international mobile telephone operators and media companies, in line with their requirements. Jamba!'s Mobile Services & Entertainment platform - unique due to in-house production and international content partners - offers a large range of functionalities and comprehensive interactive technologies such as WAP, I-Mode, Premium SMS and MMS. It also supports a wide range of digital rights management systems. The business currently works with more than 20 carriers worldwide.

Great Deals on the Latest 3G Handsets
Great Deals on the Latest 3G Handsets