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New iPad Hits Three Million Sales in Four Days

By Simon Thomas on 20th March 2012

The New iPad has hit three million sales in the four days since its launch which is thought to make it the fastest selling iPad ever.


There is some doubt about the figures because Apple havn't released the sales figures for the iPad 2, but the original iPad took a whopping 80 days to hit 3 million sales. Apple's new iPad launched on Friday and was met by the usual press coverage and queuing outside Apple's flagship stores.


Apple will be very pleased to see the New iPad getting off to a great start because the Amazon Kindle Fire has been gaining some ground in recent times and the threat of Samsung is looming large.


The New iPad has an amazing Retina display with the highest resolution of any mobile device in the world (2048*1536 pixels) and is powered by a dual-core processor with a quad-core graphics processor. It also has a stunning new 5 mega-pixel camera with iSight technology.


3G can only see the New iPad going on to eclipse even the Apple iPad's 2 success and we'll keep you posted on everything iPad related !


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