LG G Watch to go on sale July 1st, alongside the LG G3


LG G Watch


It's no secret that the LG G Watch is set to touchdown later this year with the Korean company releasing official teaser videos for their first smartwatch.


We can now exclusively reveal that the LG G Watch will go on sale on July 1st, which is the very same day that the flagship LG G3 smartphone will begin shipping. This information comes from our source who previously successfully predicted the launch of the HTC One Mini 2 and the Sony Xperia E1


What else did we learn? Well, the LG's smartwatch will come with a 1.65-inch always-on display and will be compatible with all devices running on Android KitKat. While, LG's official teaser video reveals that the Android Wear smartwatch will be both waterproof and dust-proof.



The one thing we don't currently know is the price, but the general consensus is that it'll cost around £180. We'll bring you more news about the LG G Watch when we get it.


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By Simon Thomas on 09th June, 2014

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