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Amazon Appstore Hitting Europe This Summer

By Simon Thomas on 12th June 2012

Amazon's Appstore looks like it could finally be set to launch in Europe after only been available in the US for a number of months.


The problem for Amazon has been that they need to make fresh agreements for books, music and movies in every market they launch. This can be hugely complicated and takes a huge amount of time, but it looks like Amazon have been slowly making progress.


If this rumour does prove correct, which was reported by Allthingsd, then it shouldn't be too long before we see the Amazon Kindle Fire launching on these shores.


The lack of the Amazon Appstore is the main reason we havn't seen Amazon's tablet released in Europe. Amazon are selling the tablet cheap in order to make money from applications and multimedia sales and without the Appstore the whole model falls down.


In the US the Amazon Kindle Fire has proved hugely successful due its low price-point ($200 or £150) and  is thought to have prompted a response from Apple (iPad Mini) and Google (Google Nexus Tablet). We hope it comes to the UK because it offers such amazing value that it would change our tablet market forever !


We don't have official confirmation that Amazon's Appstore will launch this summer, but if it does we'd expect the Kindle Fire to follow shortly after. As soon as 3G gets any new information about the Amazon Appstore or the Kindle Fire we'll let you know.

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