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Vodafone 3G Launched In Netherlands

16th June , 2004

Europe : Vodafone Netherlands announce the commercial introduction of UMTS services on Vodafone live!, Vodafone's successful consumer service. In addition to the wide range of services offered already by Vodafone live!, Vodafone customers can now reach and watch each other while calling via video telephony, watch live television, enjoy film trailers, music- and sport video clips on their mobile. To reach becomes to watch.

Today's announcement underlines Vodafone's leading innovative position in The Netherlands and follows the successful launch of the Vodafone Mobile Connect UMTS/GPRS Data Card for business customers in February 2004.

Following successful customer trials of UMTS consumer services with Vodafone live! in The Netherlands, Vodafone has decided to commercially introduce the service for its 'early adopter' customers. This initial launch will give those customers keen to experience UMTS, the opportunity to try out the technology prior to the full launch, which is planned for the coming autumn with an additional range of Vodafone live! UMTS handsets and enhanced services. This launch follows previous launches of Vodafone live! UMTS in Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal. From tomorrow, customers wishing to become the first to try the service will be able to purchase and try out the Samsung Z105 - the first Vodafone live! UMTS handset available from Vodafone stores within the UMTS coverage.

New applications
Vodafone live!, the industry-leading, multi-media mobile consumer service, will be enhanced by UMTS technology, delivering to customers new communication possibilities that until now have been unavailable for mobile users. These new applications include video telephony, live TV, video streaming of sports and music events, and video downloads, on top of the existing services such as video messaging. Using the new UMTS services, customers will be able to access the best content in sports, news, music, general entertainment and games. In addition, customers will experience better sound, image and video quality, as well as faster speeds for the downloading of games and ring-tones.

'Today's launch of Vodafone live! UMTS will extend to our consumer customers the benefits of UMTS mobile technology that are already being enjoyed by our business customers with the Vodafone Mobile Connect UMTS/GPRS data card. The greater bandwidth offered by UMTS will enable our customers to have access to new multimedia content and applications such as video telephony,' commented Tomas Isaksson, Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Netherlands. 'Over the next year, Vodafone live! UMTS will open up a whole new world of communication and entertainment via the mobile handset, with a greater range of handsets, additional content and further coverage', he concluded.

Vodafone live! UMTS will initially be available in Vodafone stores in the 'Randstad', Groningen, Enschede, Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Maastricht. Vodafone live! UMTS services are available to customers whilst roaming abroad in Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal.

Vodafone Libertel N.V.
Vodafone is one of the largest mobile telecommunications companies in the Netherlands and is a part of the world wide Vodafone Group, the world's largest telecommunications company for mobile telephony with 133.4 million customers. The Vodafone Group has participations in the share capital of mobile operators in 26 countries. It also has a joint venture with networks in 13 countries.

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Vodafone 3G Launched In Netherlands
Vodafone Netherlands announce the commercial introduction of UMTS services on Vodafone live!, Vodafone's successful consumer service.
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