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First truly intelligent acceleration solution for 2.5/3G mobile data.
19th June 2002

Cyneta Networks and Idetic Inc. announced their collaboration to provide the industry's first truly intelligent acceleration solution for 2.5/3G mobile data.

This combined solution moves the industry beyond generic compression technologies toward a new era of highly intelligent optimization systems that react to changing network conditions in real time. By leveraging Cyneta's Intelligent Packet Control Node(TM) (IPCN) to feed real-time radio and data session characteristics to Idetic's Far Reach(TM) acceleration platform, the solution enables dynamic tuning of traffic and compression parameters.

Current GPRS networks are struggling to meet subscriber performance expectations of a higher-quality experience. This problem is further compounded when graphical and multimedia-messaging content is transmitted across the congested network. As a result, mobile operators are seeking acceleration solutions to boost the performance of their networks and support the delivery of increasingly richer content and applications.

The new capabilities provided by the Cyneta-Idetic solution open the door for mobile operators to increase the effective network capacity and greatly reduce the limiting effects of peak usage congestion, thereby providing a more reliable, improved quality of experience for the subscriber. In addition, operators can dramatically increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) through tiered access rate plans and higher performance access to premium content.
"The key to success in the mobile data market is for operators to ensure that every subscriber has a reliable, high quality experience," said Doug Smith, president and CEO of Cyneta Networks. "Cyneta's technology lays the foundation for enabling a high performance network that delivers on the promise of mobile data. Together, Cyneta and Idetic provide mobile operators with a compelling optimization solution that truly marks a new era of performance-tuned GPRS network operations."

Introducing real-time radio network congestion information changes the way compression is typically done on mobile data networks today. The ability to intelligently compress and manage data traffic using real network loading and subscriber characteristics will allow mobile operators to realize additional acceleration performance and achieve complete control of their networks.

"Wireless network operators face amazing management and cost challenges in today's markets," said Phillip Alvelda, CEO of Idetic. "The combined Cyneta-Idetic solution enables a truly elegant mechanism to transform otherwise 'dumb pipes' into intelligent data service deployments that effectively maximize the value of infrastructure investments."
Cyneta's IPCN, a multi-value strategic platform that resides in the mobile core, provides end-to-end session, traffic and policy management, giving operators complete end-to-end awareness and control over their mobile data transmissions. The IPCN also provides granular intelligence, identifying anomalies and congestion on the radio network, which has been previously unavailable to acceleration and transaction management solutions. With added "visibility" into the radio side of the network, Idetic's compression, caching and transaction processing technologies make content-specific optimizations in real-time, providing more efficient radio spectrum utilization.

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First truly intelligent acceleration solution for 2.5/3G mobile data.
Cyneta Networks and Idetic Inc. announced their collaboration to provide the industry's first truly intelligent acceleration solution for 2.5/3G mobile data.
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