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Android 4.0.4 Available For The Nokia N9

By Simon Thomas on 17th July 2012

The Nokia N9 runs on Nokia's MeeGo platform which is a great operating system itself, but with the N9 being the only smartphone running on the platform it lacks the application support many users desire.


Well the team behind NITDroid project have made Android 4.0.4 available for the Nokia N9. Yes, you read that right the Nokia N9 can now run on Android, although the software is currently in Alpha version meaning it'll have a few bugs and might not be all that reliable.


Nokia N9 owners will also be glad to hear that you can dual-boot the operating system meaning you don't need to remove your version of MeeGo to get the N9 running Android. The other huge bonus is that Nokia N9 owners will then be able to download applications from Google Play !


So far the vast majority of Android features have been made available for the Nokia N9 but a few bugs still exist. However, the guys over at NITDroid are working on the project all the time and by the time it gets a final release they hope to have everything working perfectly.


Installing Android 4.0.4 on the Nokia N9 isn't overly complicated , but  3G still recommends that only experienced smartphone users should attempt the install. You can find out more about Android 4.0.4 for the Nokia N9 and download the update by clicking here.

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