KDDI Announces Ultra 3G Wireless Plan

25 July , 2005

ASIA : KDDI has announced the introduction of EV-DO Rev. A functional extensions to its CDMA 2000 1x EV-DO data infrastructure for au mobile phones. The development, scheduled by the end of 2006, also advances construction of KDDI's "Ultra 3G" next-generation communications infrastructure, which integrates fixed and mobile networks, further integrates a variety of communications systems to provide services seamlessly, and increases the speed of the CDMA2000 system. Rev. A data rates are increased to 3.1 Mbps downloading and 1.8 Mbps uploading, and quality of service control, such as minimized packet data delay, is added.

Ultra 3G Plan

KDDI, along with other major CDMA businesses and vendors in the industry, has been studying improvements for next generation CDMA 2000 standards under the "Third Generation Partnership Project 2" (3GPP2). At the 3GPP2 conference held in the U. S. From May 16th to 20th of this year, major CDMA operators in Asia and North America and many of the world's major communications equipment manufacturers, totaling 29 companies, reached agreement on the next-generation CDMA 2000 wireless standard. This standard comes from a joint proposal that grew out of an original KDDI proposal.

The agreement aims to complete the next-generation CDMA 2000 wireless standard by mid-2007, in accordance with the following design goals:
Increase total communications speed (to from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps downloading, 50 Mbps uploading)

Increase voice communication capacity (VoIP assumed)

Increase efficiency of bandwidth use

Decrease connection time

Reduce infrastructure cost with lower per-bit cost

Preserve compatibility with current CDMA Systems

Once standardization is complete, KDDI plans to construct a nation-wide next-generation CDMA network, providing high-speed data, high-quality multimedia and other exciting applications.

Building an Integrated, Fixed/mobile Network from Various Communications Media

Together with its nationwide deployment of the next-generation CDMA 2000 wireless standard, KDDI will embark on the creation of an fixed/mobile network in 2007, encompassing current 3G mobile phones, wireless LAN, IEEE 802.16e, new wireless systems, and even ADSL and FTTH wired access media, and providing fully-integrated services. KDDI will build this integrated-access network with services provided seamlessly by standardizing on 3GPP/3GPP2 and building to conformance with IMS/MMD (IP Multimedia Subsystem/Multimedia Domain [1]), which is expected to be the global standard in the future.

The new system will allow subscribers to use an optimum communications environment, providing high-speed data and high-quality multimedia services anywhere and at any time, without regard to whether it is provided by fixed or wireless communication.

A 3G Network will be developed using a new multi-mode access scheme based on ITU-R Recommendation M.1645, which includes fixed and wireless formats, and is able to provide integrated services. Service applications include i) new wireless formats, wired xDSL, and iv) wireless LAN., amongst others, while packet-based core networking will comprise i) digital Broadcasting, ii) second-generation cellular, iii) short-range communications (Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.), amongst others.

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