Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumour Round-Up


Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept by Hasan Kaymak

Over the last year we've reported on numerous leaks and rumours about Samsung's Galaxy S5. The unveiling of the smartphone is almost upon us and we thought we'd put together everything we know so far about Samsung's smartphone in one place.


In this article you'll find details about the Galaxy S5's display, power and performance, new features, release date and much more. All of the information is based on rumours, so nothing is for certain but we have done our best to only include information from reputable sources.


One thing we do know for sure is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be one of the most popular and impressive smartphones released in 2014. Anyway on with the rumours.


Octa-core 64-bit processor?


The Samsung Galaxy S4 debuted Samsung's Octa-core processor, but Samsung's current flagship can effectively only use 4 cores at once. That looks set to change with the Galaxy S5 which is rumoured to have an Octa-core processor that will be able use all 8 cores simultaneously.


The new processor will be able to use its 4 high-performance cores and 4 energy-efficient cores at the same time thanks to a new Heterogeneous Multi-Processing solution. That'll deliver cutting edge performance and be more power efficient than previous chips.


But the brilliance doesn't end there because it also looks set to be Samsung's first 64-bit smartphone.


Apple introduced the mobile world to 64-bit with the iPhone 5S and Samsung's CEO officially stated that the Korean companies next-gen devices would feature "64-bit architectures". You can learn more about the benefits and availability of 64-bit mobile processors here.


Amazing QHD Display


New UltraHD 4k (3840 pixels × 2160) TVs are already on the market, but it's too early for the technology to come to mobile right now. But fear not because according to insider information the Galaxy S5 will be the first smartphone to have a WQHD display (2560 x 1440 pixels).


The inclusion of the new display would make things that much sharper and take pixels-per-inch (ppi) ratings to the next level. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumoured to have a 5 inch WQHD display which would give the smartphone a whopping 587ppi.


Flexible displays have now officially arrived on Samsung's Galaxy Round and LG's G Flex. Initially, we were led to believe that Samsung's Galaxy S5 would include new flexible OLED technology - but that's now looking like an outside bet. But we thought we better put it out there just in case.


Metal, plastic or carbon fibre?


One of the major gripes users had with Samsung's Galaxy S4 is its plastic build, which they claim doesn't look or feel premium. Thankfully, it looks like things could be set to change with the Samsung Galaxy S5.


Recent rumours suggest that Samsung's Galaxy S5 will have a metal design with the smartphone being made from aluminium. But it's far from certain because we've also heard that it could include a premium Carbon Fibre build and Samsung have remained pretty faithful to their plastic design until now.


We hope Samsung don't stick with the plastic design and think it would be bad move, especially given how successful the metal HTC One has been.


No images of the Galaxy S5's have been leaked, but we've covered a couple of interesting concept designs. The first concept (pictured above) was put together by Hazan Kaymak and the second was designed by the crew over at GalaxyS5Info. We recommend you check them both out because they are stunning.


Innovative eye-scanning technology

 Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner

These days every major smartphone release needs an innovative and unique feature and the Galaxy S5 doesn't look like it'll disappoint on that count. Apparently, it's going to come with an eye-scanner which can be used to unlock the smartphone.


Sources in Korea, familiar with Samsung's plans, are suggesting that the Galaxy S5 will have an Iris scanner. To unlock the smartphone the front-facing camera will scan a users eye and the feature is also expected to be used to authorise purchases on Google Play.


The process is very fast to conduct and the technology is extremely reliable. It's also very science-fiction and is bound to catch the media's attention and prove a real talking point across the globe. You can learn more about mobile iris scanners here.


3GB or possibly even 4GB of RAM


Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 was the first mobile to have 3GB of RAM and initial rumours suggested that the Samsung's Galaxy S5 would follow suit. That could still be the case, but Samsung have just unveiled the world's first 4GB chip which is potentially a game changer.

Samsung 4GB DRAM Chip

Samsung's new LPDDR4 offers 50 per cent faster performance and is 40 per cent more efficient than the fastest LPDDR3 (or DDR3) memory. Significantly, the Korean company added that ""With the new chip, Samsung will focus on the premium mobile market including large screen UHD smartphones, tablets and ultra-slim notebooks".


So the most likely device to debut the new chip has to be the Samsung Galaxy S5!


16 mega-pixel snapper


The mobile camera has returned to prominence of late, with recent smartphones having increasingly impressive snappers - not least the 41 mega-pixel Lumia 1020. And the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks set to get a beefed up camera module.


Rumours originating in Korea suggest that Samsung's Galaxy S5 will have a 16 mega-pixel camera. The new module will come with optical-image-stabilisation (OIS), Auto-focus, Back Side Illumination, and a CMOS Image Sensor.


The front-facing camera will also be boosted and potenitally will be used to drive the new 'eye-scanner unlocking' feature. Tentative information doing the rounds suggest it could be a 4 mega-pixel lens.


Release Date


Based on previous history we would expect Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S5 in March. But Samsung are thought to have moved forward the launch of the smartphone and it could be unveiled as early as January - although a February unveiling at the Mobile World Congress is more likely.


Information originating from inside Samsung's supply chain suggests that mass production of the Galaxy S5 has already begun and that 6 million units will have been produced before the end of January. Apparently, the smartphone will then land in stores in March!


As soon as 3G get more news about the Galaxy S5 we'll update this article!

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By Simon Thomas on 02nd January, 2014

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