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Samsung Youm - Flexible OLED Display Showcased

By Simon Thomas on 10th January 2013

Samsung have been working on flexible displays for a very long time and they've showcased the technology at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) , which has been going on this week in Las Vegas.


Samsung have revealed that their flexible OLED display technology will be known as Samsung Youm. The even better news is that they even demonstrated a prototype device feature the pioneering technology,  which is sure to be included in smartphones in the coming years.


Samsung demoed Youm on a handheld device , while Microsoft later showcased the technology running on a Windows smartphone. Samsung's Youm technology looked pretty impressive and as you'd expect was wafer-thin and was shown bending and flexing.


The current problem stopping the integration of the technology in smartphones is that they still need to have processors, chipsets and more inside which arn't bendable. Infact, the smartphone showcased was attached to a box containing the mobile's inners.


However, Samsung highlighted that Youm might be used to wrap displays around devices , which is potentially one of the first ways it'll be implemented.


On first thoughts a wrap-around smartphone display might seem strange and unnecessary. However, when you consider the possibility for folding out the display to make a bigger screen it becomes a very interesting proposition. In essence you could have a 10 inch touch-screen housed in a 5 inch smartphone !


Another benefit of flexible displays being highlighted by industry experts is that they'll be much more durable.  Flexible displays will apparently be able to absorb force, when dropped for example, rather than break under the impact.


3G is very excited about Samsung's Youm , but we think it'll be at least a year until we see the technology appear in a smartphone. Additionally, until we get our hands on the technology we'll always be worried about bending the display too far and snapping it !



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