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Samsung Working On Eye Pause & Eye Scroll Smartphone Technology |

By Simon Thomas on 28th January 2013

Samsung incorporated "Smart Stay" into their smartphones last year which is a feature that detects when a user is looking at a smartphones display. The feature, which uses the front-facing camera,  will then put your smartphone into sleep mode when it knows you aren't looking at the display.


Now it looks like the Korean company is innovating even further because they've trademarked two new features called "Eye Pause" and "Eye Scroll". Details on what the features will actually do havn't been given , but we can make a good guess at their purpose.


Eye Pause will probably work in a very similar way to Smart Stay, but will pause video playback when a user isn't looking at their smartphones display. While, Eye Scrolling is most likely to enable users to scroll through menus and web-browsers by moving their eyes alone.


We don't expect to see Samsung's new technology featuring in any smartphones for at least a year . However, we're sure that we're moving closer and closer to a fully hands-free mobile experience which is a very exciting prospect.


3G will continue to report on all innovations in the world of smartphones over the next year including the progress of Samsung's Eye Pause and Eye Scroll technology.


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