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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Feature Octa-Core Processor

By Simon Thomas on 14th January 2013

Samsung are expected to unveil the Galaxy S4 later this year and fresh rumours suggest it'll be the first device to feature an octa-core processor.


At CES 2013 Samsung demonstrated their new Exynos 5 Octa Processor, which as the name suggests has 8 cores. The processor has four Cortex A-15 cores and four Cortex A-7 chips, which enable amazing performance and excellent battery life.


When the Galaxy S4's full power is required the Exynos 5 processor will use the four A-15 cores making it the fastest mobile processor in the world. However, when the smartphone is undertaking lighter tasks it will use the A-7 cores , which will vastly reduce power consumption.


Samsung claim that the new Octa-Core Exynos 5 processor will use 70 per cent less power. This is great news because battery life on modern smartphones is notoriously poor , so anything to improve that is a welcome addition.


At CES 2013 Samsung didn't officially confirm that the Exynos 5 processor would be included in the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, the Galaxy S4 is the most likely device to debut the processor on account of it being the Korean companies flagship mobile.


3G will be reporting on all the news related to Samsung's Galaxy S4 and the companies other smartphones in the coming months. So keep checking back to get all the latest rumours and news !

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