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Sky Go Coming To Samsung and HTC Android Smartphones

By Simon Thomas on 31st January 2012

Sky Go is a great application that enables Sky customers to watch Sky TV live on their smartphone or tablet. It's already available for both the iPad and iPhone and is now coming to selected Android devices.


Next month Sky will be releasing Sky Go for a select number of HTC and Samsung devices. Supported smartphones include all of the following devices : HTC Desire, HTC Desire S, HTC Desire HD, HTC Incredible S, HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2.


The guys at 3G arn't sure why only a number of Android devices are supported, but our best guess is that it requires a minimum specification or a software update from manufacturers to be issued before it works.


Sky Go enables you to watch 39 Sky Channels live on your smartphone including Sky Sports, ESPN, Sky 1 and Sky Movies. You can only watch the channels you subscribe to on your Sky account, although Sky are now working on new mobile-only packages that will be released later in the year.


Sky Go also lets you watch on-demand content, but we understand that will be added to the Android version later in the year. Sky Go for Android is expected to become available at the end of February , so watch out for it on the Android Market.hi



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